True wellness that extends beyond
just the bottom line.

Are you working too many hours in your small business?
Are you not spending enough time doing the things you love?
All the while not meeting your profitability goals?

Let’s assess your financial wellness in a 1-hour complimentary Business Health Checkup zoom meeting


Working too many hours in your business without growing your profits? Transform the value of your business, without working harder. Learn how with a complimentary Business Health Checkup.


Do you really know what’s in your wine? Stop playing chemical roulette with your wine and watch this 3-minute video to learn what makes clean-crafted wine different. Pour a glass and start the conversation.


Could you benefit from higher energy (without the caffeine spikes), better sleep, and fewer aches and pains? With biohacking, you can naturally flip your energy switch and optimize your health.


I have always been an entrepreneur at heart—even when I was just a kid, I started selling cookies, candies, and cards in my neighborhood and I have kept that drive within me. With 15 years of Big 4 public accounting experience and another 15 years in corporate America, last heading up a $2B global company’s tax department, I have seen how financial success and healthy business practices can change lives for the better.

But during my years as a CPA and tax accountant I have also seen (and personally experienced) how the toll of long hours can strain personal relationships and the overall health and well-being of business owners.

Here’s what I have learned: if you don’t have the right systems and mindset in place, burnout is inevitable. That’s why I founded Health and Taxes to serve the business advisory needs of small and mid-sized established businesses and their owners to help them grow in sustainable, profitable ways, and dramatically improve the owner’s quality of life for the long term.

My mission is to help support you and your business in your pursuit of a happy, healthy, and fully balanced life.



We work with small business owners to create a significant financial impact on your bottom line. We help you understand your financial statements in simplistic terms and create a specific course of action to improve your business’s profitability to reach your goals. 

Healthy business financials are vital, but true wellness extends beyond just the bottom line.  That’s why we are different from traditional accounting and tax practices; in that, we also offer health and wellness education so you can craft your ideal lifestyle and biohack your life while growing your business.

Healthy bottom lines are vital, but so is your personal health.

As a solopreneur, there is no one that I would want more than Michelle Burke to advise me on my business growth and share her knowledge in the health and wellness industry. After over 30 years in the corporate tax world, Michelle created her company, “Health & Taxes,” uniting this unique combination of both health and taxes. As uncomfortable as the conversation of taxes has always been for me, Michelle’s knowledge and expertise is impeccable as well as her clean, crafted wines help ease the pain in a healthy way. In all seriousness, Michelle is an amazing business growth and wellness advisor who I highly recommend.

Robin Joy Meyers

Navigate2Empower, Coaching & Consulting

Working with Michelle is a professional pleasure. One of my biggest business challenges is finding reliable, creative and responsible subcontractors that free me up to focus on what I do best. Michelle’s decades of accounting expertise and sincere desire to improve my business have exceeded my expectations.

Kristen Coffield

Author, Educator, and Culinary Disruptor, The Culinary Cure

My mission is to help support you and your business in your pursuit of a happy, healthy, and fully balanced life.

-Michelle M. Burke